Monday, November 28, 2016

From the Notebook of J Michel

For a friend (Ashes)

You mystify me –intrigue me
because you don’t reek of past regret
yet you somehow feel
like an old friend.
I don’t know why –
I want to hug you, want constantly
to be near you and soak in
the comfort that I have missed for three years.  
And you tasted the ashes on my tongue, didn’t you –
when we stood on my stoop kissing
you did not withdraw.
I wanted to weep.
I fell into the void of sleep and woke,
feeling your arms around me
and the crystalline, unfamiliar ache of happiness.
My love, I know that blindness to the future
is the only thing that allows us to utter promises,
but still, this brightness inside me is bursting now.
My love, The War may have shattered us
but I dare now to hope
that these sharp edges will become gilded
with light that escapes.
(no longer broken, we are brutal and beautiful remains).
Maybe –just for now –
Maybe you and I fit together.
And if you can love me
then I will know that redemption

is a promise to be fulfilled.

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