Sunday, March 6, 2016

From the Notebook of J Michel


The light was on.
Come inside, she said, and held open the door.
I sat on the couch and cried;
I showed her my bare feet.
She made me tea and listened patiently
While I spat and hissed out the events that had brought me there.
Finally, when there was no more to say,
She put her arms around me and I fell asleep –
Wishing I could stay forever within the comfort
And confines of those walls.
I had no idea what was to happen the next day –
I had no idea if she’d be there when I woke up
Or when I’d find her again.
I just knew that she loved me,
And whether or not our prayers are for us or the people that love us,
Somehow uttering them creates a future.

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