Thursday, October 22, 2015

From the Notebook of J Michel

A revision of a previously published poem (the original was posted August 22nd, 2014)


Here you stand, now, breathless and trembling at the foot
Where the pool ends, eternity begins,
And we yearn for God’s blessing.
This journey unfolds as we breathe in and out,
Counting the moments of soul encapsulated within these confines –
Watching, bearing witness, receiving the imprint
Of a thousand lives until we transform.
What has brought us here? Listen.
Into the depths where it seems impossible for light to reach –
Listen –
Across distances our thoughts can barely fathom
(and through our dreams) for the voice without end.
It is the smallest of lights in that immense darkness;
When we draw closer
It is to remember that those lights are carried by the ones who love us,
The ones in whom our souls find favor,
The ones for whom our eyes shine
Because love flames, sparks and does not consume.
This threshold is so vast
We ask ourselves how –
how can we hope to carry the lights across?
I guess the answer is that we carry nothing;
when the ineffable darkness is inside us
there’s no need.
This threshold is immense –
As though you’d jump,
and as soon as your toes leave the earth
It becomes a chasm.
I guess the only way to cross is to remember that,
Though fear creates the threshold, it is not for us to keep;
Close our eyes and allow gratitude
To sprout our wings (long dormant)
From between our shoulder blades.

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