Thursday, October 8, 2015

From the Notebook of J Michel

All I have to give you 

Dear one,
You remind me of a daughter
I used to have when I wore a different face,
And I love you fiercely –
You cannot even know.
When I see you smile I remember
Standing at Sinai
(when the secret name was uttered among us)
and I feel the need –like the air I breathe –
to teach you what I remember.
When I hear you laugh
I know that life will lead you
To narrow places
And I cannot bear the thought of your suffering.
Because, dear one, the only thing I have
To give you are my words
(perhaps a kiss, maybe a hug).
Remember them, little dove,
Keep them with you;
When it comes time for you
To leave Egypt they will be
The only thing light enough to carry.
Remember what I teach you, my love;
It’s not so much that God commands
As I just can’t help this impulse.
My only desire is that God
Will remember the voice of your soul –
When all is dust and decay –
And you will rise with the wings of eagles,
Utter my name into the chaos,
And glide over turbulent waters.

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