Sunday, March 8, 2015

From the Notebook of J Michel

Ode to death, love and G-d 

It was a long night –I remember it well.
The silence after they came and took you away;
You were absent, but we kept on as best we could,
Dancing in the library, inhaling the leathery smell of books
To the strains of Tchaikovsky and Brahms,
(I, holding his child-hands in mine,
he, looking up at me with a brave and terrified face).
The silence was a constant reminder.
And to stay the hovering presence
We shared all your favorite stories –
Like all the foods –now painfully unavailable –
That would remind you of us
Until they came for us, too.
My love, if you’ve lost your faith in God,
I understand.
I remember (too well) when God turned away as we died
Separated and miserable –
Alone and gasping amidst the flailing bodies in gas chambers.
But every nightmare has its end,
And if you can’t have faith in God –
If the prospect is too much like dying all over again –
Have faith in me.
Have faith that I never stopped loving you,
That I will never disappoint you –because it’s not in my nature.
Death was not the end to you and me;
You see, I have all these little sparks inside me,
You breathed them into me long ago,
Echoing the lights of heaven.
I’d almost forgotten they were there
Until I found you again.
So breathe –my love, breathe into me again,
(Ignite and flame  -I will not consume you);
and somewhere, in a chorus that echoes quietly through space,

God’s name will resound.

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